Irish Dance in Germany?  Of course!!
When I started to build up this site (someday in the middle of 1999), I never thought that so many people like it! Thank you all around!  And now it is time for a new design and...for English sites! ;-)
 ( I didn´t like the old style any longer). I hope you enjoy it and have fun! :-)
(If some words or sentences are wrong, excuse my poor English. I´m from Germany ;-))

Who has ever seen  Riverdance, Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames or Gaelforce Dance
 or some of the (meanwhile plenty of the) other shows, is certainly fascinated in any way, due to the music, or the energetic dance scenes, the great atmosphere...  it is simply great fun to try this oneself and to learn it! And when after lots of sweat the first taps will work..this is a great feeling! :-) And that is the moment you´ll realise, how difficult it is and which effort it takes to do some simple steps. And if you want to try it for yourself..we will try to help you, as well as we can: who is able to teach this and where, what are hard shoes or Jig shoes  or horn pipes or Soft Shoes? What do I need? Many questions, and we try to answer  as well as possible :-) Just send a Mail! And if you need Hard Shoes or Soft Shoes... we will get them for you...

...  english version to be updated soon  !!!

On this occasion my greetings and many thanks to Adrian and Ally from Antonio Pacelli and to Eamon and his colleagues from Fays Shoes in Dublin, who helped me and many people in Germany with their knowledge about dance shoes and their mostly very quick deliveries!

short news you always find here now..

Workshop Termine / Dates! (Germany)

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..constantly working on the English version...please be patient ;-)